Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth

Checkered vinyl tablecloth : King linens

Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth

checkered vinyl tablecloth


  • A cloth spread over a table, esp. during meals
  • a covering spread over a dining table
  • A tablecloth is a cloth used to cover a table. Typically tablecloths are made of cotton or other natural fibres, or fabrics made from man made or synthetic fibres. Some are designed to be easy to wipe clean, often using PVC coated materials.


  • Having a pattern of alternating squares of different colors
  • Marked by periods of varied fortune or discreditable incidents
  • checked: patterned with alternating squares of color
  • marked by changeable fortune; “a checkered business career”
  • divided into squares, or into light and dark patches; changeable; inconsistent; having variations or uncertainty


  • Vinyl used as the standard material for phonograph records
  • shiny and tough and flexible plastic; used especially for floor coverings
  • Synthetic resin or plastic consisting of polyvinyl chloride or a related polymer, used esp. for wallpapers and other covering materials and for phonograph records
  • Of or denoting the unsaturated hydrocarbon radical ?CH=CH2, derived from ethylene by removal of a hydrogen atom
  • a univalent chemical radical derived from ethylene
  • A vinyl compound is any organic compound that contains a vinyl group (Preferred IUPAC name ethenyl). Vinyl groups (formula −CH=CH2) are derivatives of ethene, CH2=CH2, with one hydrogen atom replaced with some other group.

checkered vinyl tablecloth – Red &

Red & White Check 52" X 90" Economy Plus Vinyl Tablecloth
Red & White Check 52" X 90" Economy Plus Vinyl Tablecloth
The Series 4744 features a red and white check pattern. If your restaurant, school, church or banquet facility requires a low cost vinyl tablecloth this would make a good choice. This tablecloth measures 52″ x 90″. These are a medium weight vinyl. Similar to our Economy Vinyl Tablecloths, the Economy Plus features a heavier gauge vinyl and a more substantial cotton backing. The Economy Plus version features a 4 gauge vinyl with a 2 oz cotton backing. These vinyl tablecloths have an easy care surface that wipes clean. They are durable and waterproof. Your order typically can ship within 3-5 business days from the date of your purchase.

Flipsiders: Checkered Flag spin wheels

Flipsiders: Checkered Flag spin wheels
Here’s where the action takes place. In Checkered Flag, before each move, you have the option of moving up or down 1 gear (of 3) from your current position. If you’re in first gear, you use the left wheel’s result to move your piece, which means you won’t go more than 3 spaces. If you’re in 2nd, you move as per the right wheel, which gives you a possibility of 6 spaces of movement. If you’re in 3rd, you add the result of both wheels. All too often one or both discs lands with the little indicator arrows on a line. The directions call for a respin when this occurs. Naturally, this can be a source of great contest between players who feel they have been cheated out of or into another spin. It helps to elect a neutral party to decide if one or both wheels is on the line. Roll over the image above for more info in the notes.


A civilian version of the old Checker cabs. I’m not sure what yr this is, but I do know they were made well into the 1980’s.
Seen in Austin, TX
checkered vinyl tablecloth